VMZINC Roofing

In order to meet Architects’ demands VMZINC offer innovative systems which use all VMZINC material quality and characteristics such as: long lasting, malleable, flexible, aesthetic and prestigious.

VMZINC offers a range of solutions designed for roofing applications; including preformed finished accessories.

Because VMZINC is suitable for all roof pitches above 3° (5%) and for all types of shapes (straight, curved, folded, etc.), it offers freedom of expression for roof design.

VMZINC answers every architectural demand.

DELTA Membrane is required for all roofing applications.

Please contact VMZINC-US with any questions or concerns.


Facade systems Aspects Laying direction Type of roof  


anthra-zinc and quartz-zinc

With ventilation


vmz adeka

Double lock standing seam

natural zinc, anthra-zinc, and quartz-zinc

With ventilation

Straight, curved or complex

vmz standing seam