single lock standing seam

Metafor panel

What is Metafor panel?


The Metafor panel is a wall cladding system based on factory formed custom sized rectangular shape featuring formed interlocking welt at all edges.


VMZINC' Metafor panel system consists of factory formed panels. The panels are available in multiple dimensions, providing a variety of design possibilities.

PIGMENTO Brown / PIGMENTO Green / PIGMENTO Red /Natural Zinc by VMZINC 


Thickness 0.8mm, 1mm
Panel Maximum Dimensions 10’-0” long
On Center 12"
Corrugation Dimensions 3" wide x 5/8" high
Radius Convex R1 72” pre-fab Concave R1 120” pre-fab Convex R2 N/A Concave R2 N/A
Coverage 10 ft2 per installed panel
Weight 0.8mm 1.76 lb per ft2 installed
1.0mm 2.21 lb per ft2 installed
Packaging 50 panels per crate

Characteristics of this technique

  • Hidden S-lock system provides seamless integration
  • Used for wall cladding
  • Used for internal and external applications
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Panels can be perforated
Key Advantages:
Technicité Versatile system with an industrial look
Technicité Economical
Discrete Vertical, diagonal, and horizontal installation
Discrete Thermal insulation
Discrete Weather tight system
facilité d'installation Easy to install
  • Formed with metafor seam at panel edges and smooth, flat pan; designed to be field assembled in sequential installation by engaging the lower edge of each panel to the upper edge of the panel below and mechanically attaching panels to supports using concealed clips located under upper edges of panels.
  • Coverage: plus or minus 1/8” (2.2 mm)
  • Flatness at maximum deflection: 5/64” on 36” (2 mm on 914 mm)
  • Curvature: 1/32” (0.8 mm)
1 Examine substrates, areas, and conditions for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances, metal wall panel supports, and other conditions affecting performance of work.

Verify that substrate is plumb, sound, dry, smooth, clean, sloped for drainage, and completely anchored, and that provision has been made for wall drains, flashings, and penetrations through metal wall panels.


Examine primary and secondary wall framing to verify whether or not purlins, angles, channels, and other structural panel support members and anchorages have been installed correctly.


Prepare written report, listing conditions detrimental to performance of work of this section. Submit copy of report to architect.

5 Examine roughing-in for components and systems penetrating metal wall panels to verify actual locations of penetrations relative to seam locations of metal wall panels before wall panel installation.
6 Install metal wall panels in orientation, sizes, and locations indicated on the drawings.
7 Install metal wall panels plumb, level, square, true to line, and within installation tolerances.
8 Install metal wall panels perpendicular to girts and subgirts, unless otherwise indicated.
Anchor metal wall panels and other components of the work securely in place, with provisions for thermal and structural movement. Do not use a torch to field-cut metal wall panels.
Fasten metal wall panels in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Flash and seal metal wall panels with weather closure edges and at the perimeters of openings.
Install flashing and trim as metal wall panel work proceeds. Fasten flashings and trim around openings and similar elements.
Maintain metal wall panels in clean condition during installation.
Remove protective film within 90 days of installation.

Please feel free to download the zipped BIM and sketchup content using the links below : 


Panel-Metal-Wall_Metaphor horizontal _QUARTZ-ZINC_VMZINC

Panel-Metal-Wall_Metafor vertical_QUARTZ-ZINC_VMZINC



 Metafor panel Sketchup model



For more information, please contact VMZINC.

Download 2D details: