Accessories for slate roofs and walls

Zinc flashings have been used on slate roofs in Europe for more than 150 years. The numerous castles and high end residences in France done with zinc flashing and ornaments demonstrate that the longevity of zinc matches the slate great lifespan. Additionally, many building owners prefer zinc over copper as the natural dark grey patina of zinc beautifully matches the color of the slates, whereas the copper shiny red can make an unwelcomed strong contrast against the darker slates. QUARTZ-ZINC is the perfect material for owners who want long lasting metal flashings that fully integrate their slate roof
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The Orsay museum in Paris has the largest collection of impressionist works
Built in 1900, the roof is covered with slate and VMZINC flashings and ornaments.


Engineered Copings

High quality zinc coping caps that meet the most stringent building code requirements are avilabile. Please contact VMZINC-US for more details.