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New Three-Part VMZINC Video Series Showcases Innovative Residential Zinc Countertop Line

RALEIGH, N.C., June 25, 2014 – VMZINC® -US, a leading specialist in innovative zinc products manufactured and sold by the Building Products Unit of Umicore, has announced the release of a new three-part video series showcasing its residential zinc countertop line. Zinc provides a pristine surface for various areas in the kitchen and other areas of the home, ranging from breakfast bars to bathroom vanities. These versatile countertops are currently in high demand among architects and homeowners for their quality, clean and modern look and permanence. The videos show homeowners the simplicity of installing sheets of zinc and highlight the functional and aesthetic benefits of zinc countertops.


Zinc is a long-lasting metal that changes color over time, giving the surface a seasoned look with inherent warmth that many other metals lack. In addition, because zinc is malleable and easy to work with, edges can be molded into decorative shapes and treatments for optimal design alternatives.


The durability of these countertops make them simple to maintain in a residential kitchen. Easily polished and cleaned using soap and water, they also contain anti-bacterial properties similar to copper. These innovative countertops form an oxidized residue, which is harsh on molds and germs and keeps the surface sanitary for daily use. The result is a convenient and environmentally-friendly addition to any residential kitchen or bathroom.


To view the three-part video series, please visit the following links:


To purchase VMZINC sheets, please visit www.buyzincsheets.com.



“We are very excited about the launch of our new video series for our residential zinc countertop line,” said Daniel Nicely, managing director at VMZINC®-US and Umicore Building Products, USA Inc. “With unbeatable durability and malleability, this line is ideal for kitchens and other rooms in residential settings, and we believe this video series will help allow installers, architects and homeowners to install zinc in a simple and efficient manor.”


“At VMZINC®, we pride ourselves on producing the newest and most innovative additions to our product lines,” said Richard Thorne, VMZ Pro-Zinc Trainer. “The residential zinc countertop line fits perfectly with our range of existing products, and it provides a creative option to homeowners seeking a unique and distinctive kitchen. I hope all viewers finish this video series feeling armed and ready to build his or her own zinc countertop.”