Hand Tools

While VMZ Pro-zinc training centers provide an ample supply of hand tools; Umicore Building Products recommends that participants bring their own tools. In this way, participants can work with familiar equipment and determine if their own tools are suitable for VM ZINC.

Tool sets recommended by Umicore Building Products are available from our partners. Click here for the recommended tool list and a distributor list.

As Umicore Building Products, we are not in the Tool business but we know our material quite well and we also know what you need to apply it properly. Regardless of how good a craftsman you are, without the right tools, you won't be able to get the job done.

As far as normal hand tools are concerned we have designed two sets. There is the individual set - which we believe is the minimum equipment recommended for everyone who works with VMZINC. The tools contained in this set are required for installing all of Umicore Building Products panel systems. In addition there is the company set which contains more sophisticated tools for installing DLSS systems. It is not necessary for every individual to have a company set; one set per work crew is recommended.

To make these sets as easily available to you as possible, we had the manufacturer Freund a leader in Metal Tools, put the sets together for you in tool boxes. 

You may also need a machine seamer when installing standing seam projects. Having the correct seamer is critical to the integrity of a seam's mechanics. Umicore Building Products recommends the use of a Schlebach Piccolo seamer. 

DLSS Tools is the exclusive distributor of both the Company and Individual set. They are also a rental agent for the Schlebach Piccolo seamer.


Panel Machines and Mechanical Seaming Tools

The following are Panel Machine Manufactures and Mechanical Seamer Manufactures that are recommended by VMZINC for panel fabrication. Please contact them to ensure that the right machine is used when forming zinc panels.

          Panel Machine:




          Englert - Make sure the proper roller is used for zinc

          New Tech Machinery - Make sure that the proper roller is used for zinc

          Mechanical Seamer:

          D. I. Roof Seamers



         Old World Distributors 



Soldering Tools

At VMZINC, we recommend soldering certain zinc applications for best results. We partner with Express, a manufacturer of high quality soldering irons, to make sure you get access to the best tools for soldering. The Express line of Soldering irons are the lightest, most reliable soldering irons in the industry. The patented multi-flame technology, allows reaching operating temperatures quickly making soldering safe and fast. The lightweight and compact design with eight different tips makes soldering easy for any application.


Currently, VMZINC has a Soldering Iron "Starter Kit" Promotion in conjunction with Guilbert Express. When you purchase an Express Premium soldering Iron, you will get a Free Extra Diamond Tip, Clean Material Flux and Sal Ammoniac Bar. For more information click here.


Please click here to use this guide as a refence on the proper way to strip zinc for soldering.


Tool list
Seaming & Clinching Pliers seaming and clinching pliers
Circular Cutting Punch SnipCut circular cutting punch snip cut
Round Nose Pliers round nose pliers
Grooving Hammer, Different Faces grouving hammer different faces
Folding Pliers & Seam Opener folding pliers and seam opener
Mini Seamers mini seamers
Clinching Pliers clinching pliers
Flashing Iron flashing iron
Pelican Shear Right Cut pelican shear right cut
Tin Man's Mallet tin maln's mallet
Deep Throated Pan Pocket deep throated pan pocket
Twin Square Seam Folder twin sqaure seam folder


These tools and more may be purchased on

Use this link for fasteners and accessories for zinc panels; Click here.