Introduction of training

Contractor Services

VMZ Pro-zinc is a comprehensive Program of instructional services offered by Umicore Building Products USA for the use of VMZINC building materials and related installation products. Instructional classes take the form of seminars varying in length from one to three days held in special VMZ Pro-zinc training centers. These centers are conveniently located across the US and Canada.

The seminars are conducted by American or European Craftsmen with exceptional experience in sheet metal and zinc work. The seminars are intended to transfer meaningful and useful information to those already having experience in sheet metal work. Similarly, a working knowledge in other metals is a prerequisite for all VMZ Pro-zinc seminars. On request, seminars can be presented in Spanish, French or other languages.

VMZINC has existed since 1832. Umicore Building Products believes VMZ Pro-zinc participants gain the understanding of time-tested VMZINC materials’ detailing that improves installation quality and customer satisfaction.

Umicore Building Products’ goal in offering the Program is to build lasting relationships with the sheet metal workers in the industry and to assist them in delivering value to their customers.


VMZ Pro-zinc assists installers in developing their craft skills as well as providing project specific related support and education about the benefits of using zinc materials. The Program explores unique installation considerations for VMZINC materials, and Program participation is required for all installers of VMZINC materials. Installation considerations explored include: Expansion and Contraction, Forming on Site in Adverse Weather, and Storage and Handling. 

If requested, for an additional fee Umicore Building Products can provide a mock up for project-specific seminar instruction.

Introduction to working with VMZINC

VMZ Pro-zinc host a one-day seminar that gives an overview of working with zinc. The benefits and characteristics of zinc materials are taught as well as installation principles of the VMZINC pre-engineered panel system, VMZ Adeka . 

1) VMZ Pro-zinc Module 1 – Wall Cladding
VMZ Pro-Pro-zinc two-day seminar looks at frequently encountered installation details found with common wall systems, such as corners, windows, and parapets. Soldering and bending techniques are also reviewed. While many installers find some elements of traditional wall systems, whether Interlocking-, Flat Lock-, or Corrugated Panels, to be largely self-explanatory, this seminar builds on the students’ basic knowledge to work with VMZINC more effective and efficient.
Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $400/individual attending class (includes lunch)

2) VMZ Pro-zinc Module 2 - Slope Roofs
VMZ Pro-Pro-zinc two-day seminar teaches the basics of installing VMZINC roofing on roofs with a slope of 4:12 and more. is the seminar primarily focuses on the Double Lock Standing Seam technique, the most common roofing application for VMZINC roofing materials. Hip, ridge, eave, head flashing, panel layout, seaming, corners, penetrations, skylight flashing, soldering, and more are examined and discussed.
Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $800.00/individual attending class (includes lunch)

3) VMZ Pro-zinc Module 3 - Advanced Roofing Skills
VMZ Pro-zinc also offers a three-day seminar, that is for participants who have previously completed VMZ Pro-zinc 1 and 2 seminars, have basic field experience, and now intend to truly master the craft of working with VMZINC . This seminar provides instruction in both master craftsman details and their efficient use.
Prerequisite: VMZ Pro-zinc 1 and 2, experience with zinc in the field, determination for excellence.
Tuition: $1,000.00/individual attending class (including lunch)