The rich, charcoal black of ANTHRA-ZINC was the first pre-weathered zinc offered by VMZINC thirty years ago.

On the luminance scale of measuring colors ANTHRA-ZINC falls into a Y-Factor range of 5-7. Every batch of ANTHRA-ZINC is measured and the results are documented. Beautiful color variation is expect in natural materials. Based on the type of installation, surface exposure to weather, and geographical conditions, ANTHRA-ZINC may slowly and gradually lighten over time to dark grey. While white marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, such superficial marks do not reduce the material's lifespan.

Although ANTHRA-ZINC was originally intended for flashing and rain ware for slate roofs, architects have come to appreciate the velvety look of ANTHRA-ZINC and use it increasingly as a building product for walls and roofs. ANTHRA-ZINC can be combined with wood, glass, or concrete for impressive results.


If properly installed according to VMZINC installation guidelines, an ANTHRA-ZINC roof may maintain its beauty for well over 75 years, and walls may last over 100 years. Like all VMZINC envelopes, ANTHRA-ZINC requires no scheduled maintenance.

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